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Download 2016-2017 FY Budget 315KB
Download 2015 Consumer Confidence Report 217KB
Download 2014 Consumer Confidence Report 390KB
Download Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) - December 2014 14,908KB
Download ESCA 1 - Personal Property Disposal Project 2,444KB
Download RAAP Final Specific Plan 72,841KB
Download RAAP Specific Plan Final EIR with Appendix B and Appendix H 2,970KB
Download RAAP Draft EIR28,430KB
Download RAAP Executive Summary 2,683KB
Download RAAP Draft Specific Plan29,742KB
Download RAAP Appendices 66,820KB
Download RAAP Base ReUse Plan 44MB
Download RAAP Final Environmental Assessment 22.6MBK
Download EPA Record of Decision 0.1MB
Download RAAP Phase 1 4,258KB
Download Lease with Army 110KB
Download Lease with Army - Amendment 4 56KB
Download Draft Final FOSET 2,941KB
Download Draft Revised FOSET 680KB
Download FOST Amendment 1 93KB
Download RAAP Site Investigation Report 376KB
Download FOST 1,433KB