Riverbank LRA


The Riverbank LRA is responsible for implementation of the Riverbank Army Ammunition Plant’s Reuse Plan and for the operations and maintenance of the former military facility. The Riverbank LRA’s activities are funded through lease revenue, fees, and grants received from several federal, state and local sources.

The Riverbank LRA provides quarterly budget updates to the Board. To view the current Riverbank LRA budget click on the links provided below.

Budget Format and Size Click to View
Fiscal Year Budget 2015-2016 PDF (63kb) DOWLOAD
Fiscal Year Budget 2014-2015 PDF (74kb) DOWNLOAD
Fiscal Year Budget 2013-2014 PDF (127kb) DOWNLOAD
Fiscal Year Budget 2012-2013 PDF (11kb) DOWNLOAD
Fiscal Year Budget 2011-2012 PDF (11kb) DOWNLOAD